What Riding a Motorcycle can Teach you

What riding a motorcycle can teach you


What riding a motorcycle can teach you.

I’ve always related my life to riding my motorcycle.

….NO! I haven’t lost the plot. Hear me out on this one….

Inspired after reading Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance: 25th Anniversary Edition I decided to write down all things that I had resembled riding motorcycle with life.  Check out the list.

 A New Skill

Learning to ride a motorcycle can be daunting, but nothing in life that is worthy is easy.

You will come across new challenges in your life and if you want to experience the good life and taste the fruits of your hard work then your gonna have to skull sweat for a while.

Learn the skills to ride a bike. Just like life you will need to read everything you can to help propel you in the right direction.

Learn how to handle the bike on your journey in case you hit a bumpy ride or fall off.  When you fall off get back on again.

Embrace the risk.

Riding a bike can be a dangerous and a life of uncertainty. Aim to be scared a little, a life of safety is a life for the average.

I learned to ride when I was 34. Your never too old to learn anything in life even when the negative naysayers suggest it’s the start of your midlife crisis.



Man Up, its going to be a bumpy ride

Yes, you’ll be cold, wet, nervous, scared and mentally exhausted but like all things in life you need to face your fears and overcome them by just doing them.

Life will throw you some curveballs but its not the time for whining like a baby.

You are the driver of your destination.  DO NOT let anyone de-route you from that.

Toughen up. This ride is long. Your ass is going to hurt for a while. Deal with it. Stop being a sensitive little soldier.


No Room For Passengers

Leave the back seat drivers at home.

No need for negative naysayers on this ride.

This is YOUR ride and no-one else’s.

As cruel and as hard as it may sound, if your in a relationship and spending the rest of your life with someone who wont support you achieving your final destination then i’m afraid there is no room for them.  Time for them to hitch a bus ride and leave them standing in the gutter.  This is a lone rangers journey.

Enjoy the freedom of your journey. You are the master of your own destiny. There are no passengers or back seat drivers. This is your life and your life only. There’s no room for negative naysayers on this ride.


motorcycle life

Not even room for her


Prepare For The Journey

Theres no sat navs on this journey (well, you can if you’re into that kind of thing).  You need to read up and study your end goal and destination.

Learn your route from a mentor.  Take your motorcycle and life to a place it hasn’t never been or seen.

Your life is about MOVING FORWARD…… Stop standing still.


 Don’t be afraid to change your route

Life is about change.

Changing for the better to experience new thrills and achievements is a good thing.

It doesnt matter if you’ve been riding the same road for 2 hours straight, if you want to change direction and aim for a better place then go for it.

Just be clear on your destination.

Like riding a motorcycle you need to keep a clear head, Stay focused on the road ahead and your finally destination.

This is your end goal. Do not take your eyes off the road.


Enjoy The Ride

Enjoy the surroundings, this is your life.

Some people hate the journeys and are all about the destination.

Breath in the air and enjoy the wind on your face but don’t neglect the road laid out in front of you.

If you stare to long at the scenery your direction will change.

Look too long at the gutter and you will aim for it.

Take Care

Look after your bike.

It needs care, attention, love and Maintenance.

This is your vehicle to your destination.

Without the correct care, time and attention you’re likely to damage the chain, a wheel or the engine.

Nourish the bike with the correct fluids and fuel as if it were your own body and mind.

You need it to be working at 100% efficiency to achieve your ultimate destination.

Let the bike breath and cool down.  Let it rest. You can’t reach your destination throttling full speed 24/7.

The grass isn’t greener

I love old motorcycles that have been given a new life.

I think they represents our own lives.

We’re all too eager to throw away our possessions and trade in for new.

We always believe that something else is better than appreciating what we have today.

An old rusty motorcycle that has been unwanted and tossed can be cared for and brought back to glory with personal touches that make the bike unique and personal.

We too are unique and individual.

We each have something that can be displayed and shown to be special.


Pay It Forward

Give back.

Share what you’ve learnt along the way and the experiences of your journey.

Help others to find and realise the road to their destination and purpose in life.

When you ride a motorcycle, you are quite often noticed by other bikers and you exchange quick nods and acknowledgement to say ‘I can see you riding your bike on this lovely day and enjoying the journey too’.

Always initiate the nod or wave and pay it forward.

Just like your journey through life, if you uphold good manners then you will create a ripple effect and that rider is more likely to pass on his nod of acknowledgement to future riders.


You are not average, you’re a biker.

Go and take on the road to your life!!


What riding a motorcycle can teach you

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