Jon ‘Strongman’ Andersen – The Real Caveman Who Lives For Deep Water

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I had only heard of jon andersen recently, I know!! I’ve been living under a rock, but occasionally some things pass me by.

Jon andersen

was born in San Francisco, California.  He is 42 and is a wrestler, strongman, personal trainer, caveman and TOTAL BAD-ASS!!!

Jon Andersen



Jon andersen began a strongman career in 2002, winning the New Mexico’s Strongest Man show and then earning his pro status in 2003, while shortly after winning the North America’s Strongest Man competition.  Jon joined the  IFSA strongman organization in 2005.  In 2003 he started to wrestle part time and ended up wrestling in Japan and Mexico.

Here’s Jon’s Strongman accomplishments:


North Americas Strongest Man – 1st

Americas Strongest Man – 7th

All Nations Strength Challenge – 4th


World Muscle Power Championships – 8th

 Americas Strongest Man – 5th

Extreme Strongman Showdown – 4th

Strongest Man Alive – 3rd

All Nations Strength Challenge – 3rd


Worlds Strongest Strength Nation – 3rd

IFSA Strongman World Team Championships (Team Pan-America) – 2nd

IFSA Pan-american championships – 7th


IFSA Holland Grand Prix – 2nd

Americas Strongest Man – 2nd

World Strongman Challenge – 3rd

Ukraine Open – 2nd

St Patricks Day Festival – 3rd

U.S National Strongman Championships – 2nd


World Strongman Challenge – 3rd

St Patricks Day Festival – 3rd

Jon Andersen – World Strongman competition in Tulsa

Jon’s wrestling accomplishments


Pro Wrestling Revolution: Jon Andersen defeated Kid Omega in San Jose, California..

Pro Wrestling Revolution: Jon Andersen defeated Jeckels the Jester in Santa Maria, California.

Pro Wrestling Revolution: Jon Andersen defeated Kid Omega in San Francisco, California.

Pro Wrestling Revolution: Jon Andersen defeated Shadow Dragon in Oakland, California.

PWR (San Jose): Jon Andersen defeated Matt Carlos & Jay Streets in a Handicap match.


PWR (San Francisco): Jon Andersen defeated The Polyester Express (Matt Carlos & Dave Dutra)

PWR (King City): Jon Andersen defeated The Polyester Express (Matt Carlos & Dave Dutra)

Pro Wrestling Revolution: Jon Andersen defeated “Polyester Express” Dave Dutra in Santa Maria.

PWR: Jon Andersen defeated The Polyester Express (Dynomite Dave & Mondo Cool Matt w/Dixie Lane)

Pro Wrestling Revolution: Jon Andersen defeated Rik Luxury in Santa Maria, California

Pro Wrestling Revolution: Jon Andersen defeated Oliver John by Countout in Stockton, California

Pro Wrestling Revolution: John Andersen defeated Ryan Von Kool in King City, California

Pro Wrestling Revolution: Jon Andersen defeated El Toro Rojo in Santa Maria, California

The Polyester Express -vs- “Strongman” Jon Anderson


Best Lifts

(all raw or with belt only)
Bench: 565×3
Narrow Grip Bench Press: 545
Push Press: 365×6, 275×20
Parallel Squat: 775×3, 500×25, 405×37
Deadlift from Floor: 700×4, 500×21
Box Jump: 50″
Vertical Jump: 35″

After doing some research on Jon andersen I found he was about to release an Ebook called Deep water which consisted of his training programs and his nutrition principles.  Needless to say, I bought it.


 The Deep Water Method


‘Deep Water is about dragging yourself off of the comfortable beach of life

and venturing into deep, dark places, physically, mentally and emotionally,

with no regard for the “swim back.”

The book is about Jon’s training philosophy and mindset. The deep water metaphor is based on the experience he had as a child where he had to overcome his fear of deep water and thoughts of danger in order to swim across a river.  Jon eventually overcame the fear and this was the start of what transformed him into an athlete.

This guys has a work ethic that I’ve never heard of.  He has NO time for mummies boys who whine. This guy trains and trains hard.  His mantra is to work your ass off. Train harder than that guy in front of you in the gym.  Jon doesnt like to train with others who dont have the mentality to go into ‘deep water’.

 Your genetics DO NOT own you

Jon Andersen admits that he wasn’t a gifted kid and believes god tapped him on the head and decided he was going to be a fat little bastard and eat ice-cream for the rest if his life.

In his own words Jon describes how he had fold over tits and wouldn’t get picked for anything. It was only when swimming in a river and nearly getting killed by a boat that Jon decided to take matters into his own hands and decide to become the biggest, strongest guy that he could be and from then on he gave everything he had and gave every moment into achieving it.


Deep Water Method Ebook

“I am stronger and I am in the best shape of my entire weightlifting career thanks to John Anderson’s training performance.” -Bill H

The Ebook contains information on jon’s past and how those challenges of being the fat kid at school and being bullied helped him grow and adopt a mindset of ‘do or die’.

If you’re interested in reading this book and enjoy trying something a little different then you can purchase and download the book here and here.  I dont earn any money on recommending this book, I just think its got to be part of your reading collection.

Heres a few things you’ll find in the book.

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced training programs including 12 week plans to help explode your strength and shed fat and Conditioning protocols to challenge your mind and body.  This includes a lot of 100 rep exercises so be prepared.

A Low carb diet strategy to help burn the fat with a list of recommended food and an example of a diet day in the life of a 200lb guy.

There are a few bonus sections at the end of the book with an audio interview with Zach Even-Esh, The Underground Strength Coach.  A video with ‘WSM’ Brian Shaw.  Interview with Danny Nichols, Strongest crossfitter.  Interview with Shannon ‘wonder woman’ Hartnett – strongwoman, powerlifter and highland games competitor.  Video with Brandon Lilly and a bonus Ebook about the importance of fats in the diet – The Performance Nutrition Encyclopedia.

‘Carbs are for the weak’ – Jon Andersen

When I read this quote by jon, I laughed.  It made so much sense.  Carbs have always ruled my life and I could quite easily go off at the deep end with them as they have an amazing tendency to make you want to eat huge quantities of them.  I’ve always thought they were addictive and had very addictive qualities.  Then I heard an interview where Jon said something along the lines of this:

‘Eat for purpose.  I dont want to waste food in my stomach with carbohydrate when I could be eating protein’

Jon Andersen has also stated that he believes eating a carb is cheating and describes how your body can make glucose from the protein in his diet so why risk gaining fat with eating carbs.

Jon NEVER goes off his diet.  He lives by a life of protein and its usually ground beef as he prefers the taste of beef and feels the ground beef is easier on his digestion, something i’m very much in agreement with.

Jon walks around at 300lb with 8% bodyfat and Jon’s performs a 100 rep set of power cleans with 220 pounds.  So Carbs shmarbs.

I was pretty much sold on the idea that carbs were king for gaining the mass that Jon has. I haven’t found any research that suggests he gained his muscle and mass with carbs but I do now that Jon has spent 10 years without ANY carbohydrates……. That’s 10 years!! And has spent the last 20 in a low carb/high fat diet.  So I think it’s conclusive that some people CAN train very well and with maximum intensity on zero carbs. Although Jon admits he probably gets carbs in his shakes, he days it’s never going to be high than 50 grams a day (before anyone starts commenting on steroid use, I haven’t found anything that implies he is keen or not keen on them and i’m not going to make a statement either way)


Jon Andersen Training Systems

 Shredded and strong without a carb in sight

This is what I found Jon Anderson eats on a daily basis with NO carb refeed days or cheat days:

4 pounds of meat, yes I said FOUR!!!

Jon eats about 4 lb (1800 grams) of grass fed ground beef a day and fills in the gaps with protein whey of about 250 grams and a meal of 12 eggs too.

I know that Jon actually detailed his diet online suggesting he ate less meat than this but the reason for this in his own words are ‘people would just not believe me’

Jon eats regular and if he cannot eat his beef then he takes in his protein shake, Of course paying for all that organic grass fed beef is easy when your sponsored by grassfed beef company.  Lucky swine!!


 For more info about Jon Andersen you can reach him here:  Facebook or  Twitter.  His website is


 ‘Deep Water is for people who have what it takes to push through their existing pain barriers to make gains.

It’s for people who are comfortable being uncomfortable’ – Deep Water




 Deep Water Method




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