The Number 1 Rule For Your New Year Diet

New year diet

I was very, very tempted to name this post ‘the idiots guide to losing body fat’.  I resisted, but I am still dumb founded by how many people and in particular ‘women’  I meet and talk to on a daily basis who set off on the wrong fit to losing their Christmas chub and embark on their New Year Diet with the wrong idea.


This post is not for the average gym goer but generally for the mass of women who continue to obsess with numbers on a scale and are looking to  join a gym in the New Year in a bid to become slim after their Christmas holidays spent force feeding their gullets in a bid to be diagnosed with diabetes faster than you can say ‘fatso’

I’ll try to write this so my mother will understand it (not that my mother is a dumbass, but you get the point).

(Happy new year, by the way)


The Number One Rule for Your New Diet



I’m going to be the first to say this.

losing ‘weight’ is easy!!!’

 There you go! SHOCK!!  HORROR!!  GASP!!

You can lose weight depending on a whole variety of reasons and one of those ‘may not’ be because you’ve lost body fat.  The scales wont measure your lean muscle mass.  Someone close to me continually tells me

‘I started a weight training program but the weight on the scales didn’t budge, in fact it went up’.

The fact that this person felt and looked a whole let better didn’t phase them.  The obsession with the numbers on the scale was too much and she gave up the weights.

Watching the numbers on a scale can be very stressful, especially if done daily and this alone can release stress hormones that can slow down the effect of fat burning. This is also true if your weighing yourself at different times of the day and on different scales.





Bulimics, anorexics or anyone with an unhealthy obsession with food have managed to scare themselves silly with food have managed this was ease for decades. Eat very little or eat nothing at all and you will lose weight.

New year diet

New year diet should be eat.

Calories matter. Eat more than you need and you gain fat.  Don’t eat enough and you lose weight and If you are not lean already eating excess calories will be shuttled to fat stores NOT muscle.

Why is this common fact bewildering to people?  This fact does not need to be argued constantly over internet forums.  The questions should be WHY are we over eating or WHY are we under eating.


Here’s another puzzler!!

Why does someone who’s skinny warrant an automatic acceptance of being a walking book of nutritional knowledge?

And why does someone who is carrying an extra few pounds of Chubb around their midsection automatically get labelled a nutritional dumbass?  for decades bodybuilders, power-lifters and strongmen have purposeful got fatter to achieve an amount of strength and muscle.  Although i’m NOT a fan of the bulking and cutting method, it has been proven effective for MANY MANY people.  Does this mean these athletes lose intelligence when they are fat in the off season and gain it back in the competitive season?…….exactly, No.


The Rules:

Ok the rules can become a little deeper than this when we’re talking about the effects of certain calories on the mind and neurotransmitters and remembering that a calorie isn’t always a calorie.  But for all intent purposes let’s keep this simple.


Lose weight

 Eat whatever you want but eat VERY little.

Regardless of bone density, water, fat or muscle mass, and without regard to the health of your heart, brain and metabolism.

Gain weight

Eat whatever you want but eat a higher amount of what your body can burn off. Regardless of bone density, water, fat or muscle mass, and without regard to the health of your heart, brain and metabolism.


By jove……..I’ve just cracked it in 2 paragraphs.

New year diet

It’s cool to starve…. Apparently.


OK. So here’s the caveat.


Do you want to lose weight but ONLY lose fat and keep or EVEN build muscle.  Want food that’s good for your heart, good for your brain? Even increase your metabolism? All while your burning fat at a slow healthy pace and at the same time having enough energy to put in a workout?

THIS ^^^^^ right here is THE GOLDEN NUGGET !!!!!



skeletal muscle – up to 25-40%







few other minor components that makes up the rest.


Fat cells:

Under 10% if extremely lean,

15-30% for most of us.

40-50% if morbidly obese.

Your bodyweight is the TOTAL of all of these.

 So in order to achieve re-composition we need to do one very important thing:


Increase lean mass    


Charles Poliquin, John Berardi, Lyle Mcdonald, Chad Waterbury, and Craig Ballantine have all written about how it’s possible and it’s even more possible when you’re chubby or new to lifting weights.

I’ve read all over the internet how ‘body re-composition’ is NOT possible but if you’re overweight it is VERY real.  The countless studies will prove and demonstrate people who have lost fat and gained muscle when lowering calories, eating healthy and lifting weights.


Diet Fads

I’ve counted over 70 diets online…..70!! and they stem back from as far as over a century ago.

I seem to be surrounded by people following stupid diets in order to lose weight. (Yes they always say weight, not fat) but  inevitably what happens is they lose a few pounds and look smaller in their clothes, hideous out of their clothes, feel like hammered dog shit and NEVER EVER stick to it. i.e – YOYO diet.

The IMPORTANT point to remember is that fat cells like being fat.  If you’ve spent years carrying an extra layer of fat your going to require years to teach your body you dont need it and that you will not starve without it.  The body likes to hold onto fat.  Its a survival mechanism in-case of famine.  Teach your body that your not going to do anything drastic like starve and it will ‘learn’ to let go.

You only have to look at chubby people and look back at past photos of them, chances are they have kept that layer of fat for a while or they got fat and the fat wanted to stay.  A quick drastic diet will not cure this, only time and knowledge.

I have even been told that not eating for 3 days won’t do anything to your metabolism.  I don’t care what a study says. Try that and then go lift some heavy shit in a gym and listen to your body screaming ‘what the hell have you done to me’ before going home weak with a deflated ego.

Your body adapts! PERIOD!

The female species continue to be duped by celebrity magazines and silly TV programs.

I’ve heard all kinds of crazy diets from just porridge and chocolate day in day out to cabbage soup diet.

I’ve given up trying to figure out why any guy follows this mentality wants to look like he’s got AID’s, but women tend to fall for this ‘looking at the scale’ mentality.  Its everywhere and they ALL use this exact reasoning –

‘I don’t want to gain muscle and look masculine’

New year diet

Kim (KIMMFIT) from instagram believes an arse is hot

 HOT NEWS LADIES!!!  Healthy and strong  is sexy!!!


Why should women lift weights?

New year diet

Ciara Le Gale (CIARALE.COM) knows why lifting a barbell is important

Lifting weights for women has an immense benefit for women including these range of benefits.

Increase metabolism, Metabolize Estrogen, Reduces breast cancer risk, Raise your metabolic rate, Improves health, Reduces Bodyfat, Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease, Reduce the risk of injury and back pain, Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes, Decrease Your Risk Of Osteoporosis, Improve Your Attitude And Fight Depression.

Studies carried out by Wayne Westcott, PhD from the south Shore YMCA in Massachusetts show an average woman who strength trains 2 to 3 times per week for 8 weeks can lose 3.5lbs of fat and gain nearly 2 lbs of muscle meaning you will look firmer and fit into those darn dresses your obsessed about.


This post isn’t intended to bully women, I just find most of them find themselves attached to certain foods and alcohol as an emotional aid to get through life and will fabricate the wildest reasons as to why they can’t let go of the daily ‘treat’.  I used to personal train them and they are a NIGHTMARE!!

New year diet

 I’d enjoy training this broad, although she probably squats more than me.

Eat Twinkies and lose weight

…what a contribution to society.

Mark Haub, a professor of human nutrition at Kansas State University lost 27lb in 10 weeks eating just twinkies (he actually ate other stuff with it), in order to PROVE calories matter.


This is what his numbers looked like:

Calories: 1457

Fat: 61 grams

Carbs: 173 grams – looks below average carb’s to me.

Pro: 54 grams (I nearly just coughed up my piece of beef reading that)

So that looks like:

Fat: 61 %

Carbs: 47%

Protein: 15% **i’m coughing again**

……..and the results showed he lost 20 odd pounds in 10 weeks (average of 2lb a week) and 6 pounds of LEAN mass.


TREMENDOUS!!! Bet he looked and felt like hammered dog shit and in carrying out this pointless study has sealed the deal for a lot of unhealthy people to carry on with their emotional eating habits.




I’ll say this again!!  Throw the scales away.

From now on take photos of yourself in the mirror, topless or naked.  This visual aid will keep you motivated and let you actually SEE the changes in your body.  YES, you may think its vain and people may judge but this is YOUR body and YOUR life.  Keep these photos and never delete. You can store them on your phone or computer and when you look back you will be AMAZED at what you will see.  But remember this, women SHOULD have curves!  I’d take a woman with a curvy figure carrying a little extra fat with a great bum over a skinny female with an arse like a 9 year old boy.  NOT SEXY.

New year diet

Triceps & Ass Krystle – (KSFITNESS1-instagram)

15 mind numbingly simple steps

to becoming a ‘better’ shape


  1. Don’t eat sugar.
  2. Don’t eat ANYTHING in a packet.
  3. Eat a wide range of meat, fish and veg.
  4. Avoid alcohol
  5. Drinking LOTS of water.
  6. Limit caffeine apart from pre-workout
  7. Sleep at least 8 hours a night in a dark cool room.
  8. De-stress
  9. Lower carbs and time them around workouts, Yes fruit is a carb.
  10. Increase healthy fats, yes saturated fat is healthy.
  11. Increase protein because you’re probably scared of meat.
  12. Limit milk.
  13. Walk whenever you can.
  14. Lift heavy weights with compound exercises.
  15. Sprint uphill occasional.


It’s not rocket science.  If you want to look like a caveman then eat like a caveman.  Follow those 15 guidelines, track you’re not eating a gazillion calories and your good to go.

The only extra thing I will add here is ‘consistency’.  It’s no point killing yourself so hard in the first week in a gym that it puts you off for life and it’s go to go off your diet and eat something naughty.  Do it once a week for sanity and then get back on the horse.


Rome wasn’t built in a day and THIS is your new year diet


Watch your body transform shape

and you will never look back.




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