Body Of A Spartan by Victor Pride – Review



OK GUYS!!! I’m pumped!!!


I have just THIS second finished reading BODY OF A SPARTAN by Victor pride (buy) 

I can honestly tell you that its probably one of the best training books I’ve EVER read.

I’ve read A LOT of training books and didn’t really want to spend any more of my hard earn’t cash on another training book, but this book is a little gem as you will find out.

…..Anyway, I took the plunge and shelled out and here’s what I found.


I was blown away with the, ‘no BS straight to the point, most bang for your buck ‘ ebook which contains nearly 100 pages of simple to read AND understand material.

While other books spend a few pages discussing over training and working out 3 days a week, Victor sets your mind RIGHT, from the off.

Instead of ‘scaring’ newbies about the over training boogie man, Victor tells it like it is with passion and heart.

 If your a fan of Victor and read his blog then you will recognize the excellent writing style that he carries over into his Ebook for achieving a GREAT LOOKING AND STRONG BODY.

About Victor Pride

This is the second book I have read from Victor pride and i’m a keen reader of his blog at  Victor is a Professional blogger who works and lives where ever he chooses after leaving the 9-5 rat race in American.  His rule is to be BOLD and MOTIVATE you with his writing to get you fired up as humanly possible and does it without worrying about the political correct madness that surrounds our lives.

Victor took himself from a skinny-fat, 6’1, 130 lbs guy with biceps the same size as his wrists and forearms to a lean and jacked guy who walks around with the heart of a lion.  Now he has spilled the beans on how he did it and wants to share with you.


 lean, jacked and tanned…..son-o-bitch!!



The book

Strong or ripped? why not try both!!

When I read this book it was like reading my own training journal as I’ve been following the same sort of routine for the last year and can tell you that everything he says in the book is bang on the money.  I LOVE singles.

Lets get this straight though, the exercises are not new and have been around for a while, but these exercises that Victor has chosen have become a lost art form with the recent years seeing cardio bunnies on machines and dim-wits on bosu balls with a pair of 5kg dumbbells.  This workout is old school and dirty and what some of the strongest people on the planet have been up to for years.

Victor talks of wasted years following bodybuilder routines and getting no where, well uncle Vic, I can tell you I probably spent longer wasting my time.  Today I still see skinny young guys doing cable triceps kickbacks and not even working a sweat up.  ids in the prime of their life with an abundance of testosterone gone to waste.  Victor puts together I nice little ‘power-building’ template with recommended weight choices, rep ranges and a combination of main and supplementary exercises to get you big and strong.

I don’t want to give away any of the details that Victor has obviously put a lot of time and skull sweat into this ebook but you can buy it here to check out for yourself.  In fact, I would love to hand a few copies to half the lads I will see in the gym tomorrow morning.

Victor explains how to eat like a MAN with foods that will NATURALLY raise your testosterone levels and to ditch that bland chicken and brown rice every 3 hours that every body building magazine and forum tells you to consume.

As with all of Victors writing, the book is written so stupidly easy to understand and to the point that any half-wit could read it and know exactly what they need to do next.  The book is probably THE best Ebook I’ve seen in terms of design and layout with excellent images of an old school gym (I want one).  It really does make a change to see someone making an effort in an appearance of an Ebook and at just under 100 pages long it’s super easy to read and go back over on the important points.

What about cardio??

Forget cardio, with these weights, (and especially the bear) you will be working up a heart rate that no longer requires a chubby midsection.

From Zero to Hero and no cross trainer in view


Some of what you will read

  • Don’t believe in the lies supplement companies sell you.
  • Why you CANT train like a juiced bodybuilder
  • Over-training is BS
  • How to eat if your skinny or chubby
  • Excellent images demonstrating the exercise
  • Some great variations of the important exercise (a couple I’ve never heard of too)
  • How to get your mind right
  • What time of day to train
  • The handful of exercises that is all you need
  • What to eat
  • Why you should have a good body



My own experience

Like Victor, I too have had spent countless hours wasting my time and reading bodybuilder magazines and wondering why I hadn’t yet looked like one of those shredded guys.

The one and only difference to my training that effected my own size was concentrating on strength and treating my body as a whole.  As soon as I grew a pair and became a MAN and picked up the heavier weights, I grew, add that with the high fat diet and boom!! watch the mass gains.  Remember, if you dont juice like a bodybuilder then you cant look like a juice bodybuilder.


Whats great

I’m really happy that victor recommends butter and eggs for the diet as this is crucial for increasing a mans testosterone, and a must for any skinny dudes trying to get jacked.

I’m very happy to promote this book and I WONT promote anything I dont believe 100% in, so you’ve got MY back.  The other book that Victor has written is ‘30 days of Discipline’.

I wrote a review of it here if your interested and if you want to purchase it Click here.

 How many tickets for the gun show?bigbear

The only criticism I have is his 2 meals a day recommendation for chubby people to get lean. I get insanely hungry training frequent and heavy and maybe it’s because I’m carrying a little to much fat and my leptin signalling is screwed like a mother fucker.

I’m also a fan of protein shakes too. I lose muscle easily if I cut my calories so I need to fill that hole with protein. A couple of shakes helps me fill that void as there’s only so much meat you that I can eat, but I do agree whole heartily that supplements are NOT required.

…….Not so much a fan of the liver tabs either, even though the great Vince vironda swore by them.

 BODY OF A SPARTAN IS THE BOOK TO BUY IF YOU WANT to ………Eat like a man, lift like a man, look like SPARTAN.


Here’s what other guys have said


This aint even a bodybuilding book…its more than that

 This is 100% MANbuilding. Good shit Pride!- Marquise,

Hey Victor, This guide is amazing even for a seasoned lifter.- John,

Here’s Victors promise to you:

You Risk Nothing with My 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee


I fully believe in Body of a Spartan and I am convinced that any man can follow the steps and get jacked.

I believe in it so much I will offer a complete 60 day money back guarantee.

If for any reason you are not satisfied you can request a refund at any time within 60 days.




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