• The world’s oldest female bodybuilder

    The worlds oldest female bodybuilder
    The world’s oldest female bodybuilder   At 77 years of age Ernestine Shepherd is the world’s oldest female body builder. Ernest Shepherd is a great example that age is just a number. If you do just ONE thing today then makes Sure it’s to Watch this video.  It’s only 8minutes long. Watch how this lady inspires the people she trains. If this doesn’t make you want to achieve the best that your body is capable of then nothing will. You can contact her here at her website. Enjoy.  ...
  • Stephen screamer Manuel Powerlifter – IPF world Bronze & Silver Medalist

    Stephen screamer manuel
    Stephen Manuel Interview The IPF World Powerlifting Silver and Bronze Medallist, Personal Trainer, Strength Coach, Technical Meathead and SBD sponsored athlete.   Stephen screamer manuel powerlifter   Hi stephen. Thanks for letting me interview you.  Could you tell us more about yourself? How long have you been training in powerlifting, what weight class do you compete in and what got you into the sport of powerlifting? I’ve been training in Powerlifting for around 8/9 years. I had my first competition just before my 18th birthday and I’m now 26. I’ve...
  • 16 Great Superman Gifts for Men

    superman gifts
    Superman Gifts for Men that any superhero fan will love  If you’re a big superhero fan like me you’ll love these superman gifts for yourself or a loved one.  I’ve just purchased the ipad cover and the iphone cover and currently own a superman wallet. This is my own ‘present’ list to hand out for people and I think the ideal superman gifts for most men.   Classical Superman iPad Air TPU Case Cartoon Superman Theme Black Case Cover £16.99 Made from durable high-quality materials Protect against scratches, dirt, fingerprints and other...
  • Wendler 5/3/1- The Simplest Program for Strength Training Exercises

    wendler 5/3/1 strength program
        Wendler 5/3/1 – The simplest and Most Effective Training System to Increase Raw Strength with detailed strength training exercises Because I tend towards over analysing  workouts, I’ve decided to stick with a solid written down program that’s laid out for me with all the numbers and all the exercises that I will be performing for the day.  As I’m currently working my ass off on other internet projects I thought it was a no brainer to stop the over analysing of my workouts. I’ve  gone with the...
  • The Baddest Man on the Planet- 6 Mike Tyson Videos That Will Fire You Up

    The Baddest Man on the Planet “I just have this thing inside me that wants to eat and conquer. Maybe it’s egotistical, but I have it in me. I don’t want to be a tycoon. I just want to conquer people and their souls.”     Mike Tyson – THE baddest man on the planet. For me, one of the most exciting boxers I had ever seen and the reason i got into competitive kickboxing.  I admire Mike Tysons pure grit and determination, he was a runaway locomotive and...
  • Jon Andersen – The Real Caveman Who Lives For Deep Water

    jon andersen
    Jon andersen was born in San Francisco, California. He is 42 and is a wrestler, strongman, personal trainer, caveman and TOTAL BAD-ASS!!!     Jon andersen began a strongman career in 2002, winning the New Mexico’s Strongest Man show and then earning his pro status in 2003, while shortly after winning the North America’s Strongest Man competition.  Jon joined the  IFSA strongman organization in 2005.  In 2003 he started to wrestle part time and ended up wrestling in Japan and Mexico. Here’s Jon’s Strongman accomplishments: 2003 North Americas Strongest Man – 1st Americas Strongest Man – 7th...
  • Body Of A Spartan by Victor Pride Review

     Body Of A Spartan by Victor Pride Review   OK GUYS!!! I’m pumped!!!   I have just THIS second finished reading BODY OF A SPARTAN by Victor pride (buy)  I can honestly tell you that its probably one of the best training books I’ve EVER read. I’ve read A LOT of training books and didn’t really want to spend any more of my hard earn’t cash on another training book, but this book is a little gem as you will find out. …..Anyway, I took the plunge and shelled...
  • The Number 1 Rule For Your New Year Diet

    Start diet today
    New year diet I was very, very tempted to name this post ‘the idiots guide to losing body fat’.  I resisted, but I am still dumb founded by how many people and in particular ‘women’  I meet and talk to on a daily basis who set off on the wrong fit to losing their Christmas chub and embark on their New Year Diet with the wrong idea.   This post is not for the average gym goer but generally for the mass of women who continue to obsess with numbers...
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